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Algunos solo quieren y siguen a Katie por su hermoso cuerpo y el echo de verla desnuda y sexy. Otros, la ven de otra manera, desde la perspectiva artística, donde no solo es una modelo erótica sino también una obra de arte en complemento con la luz, las locaciones y el resultado de sus fotos. para esos fanáticos es esta sección, donde podemos observar el análisis artístico de algunos de sus sets de MET ART.  bon appétit!!!


Some single they want and they follow Katie by its beautiful body and I throw to see undresses it and sexy. Others, see it of another way, from the artistic perspective, where not only a work of art in complement with the light, the leases and the result of its photos is a erótica model but also. for those fanatics it is this section, where we can observe the artistic analysis of some of his sets of MET ART. Bon appétit!




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Top model Jenya has never been more beautiful than she is in the new series “Intimita,” a stunning, subtle, and arousing photo shoot, which highlights this model’s incredibly striking face, curvaceous figure, and unreserved personality. Jenya loves to model for Met Art, and it shows. While posing for the camera, she often seems to lose herself in the erotic atmosphere. At times, it often appears that Jenya has totally forgotten that she is being photographed, lost in a blaze of passion.

Jenya is an incredibly beautiful woman who never fails to make an impression. Over several years with Met, this model’s bohemian style and unreserved passion have become her trademark. However, Jenya is an extremely versatile model, who isn’t shy about showing a more personal side to her personality, as “Intimita” illustrates.

In the first feature image, Jenya crouches on the tile floor, grasping the metal pipes that wrap below the bathroom sink and pulling her chest into her thighs. Lifting her heels from out of her red shoes, her back is completely straight and a single curl of dark hair falls in front of her face, as she turns her head to face the camera. The soft light highlights Jenya’s chiseled features and her lovely body is folded over in a delicious and tantalizing position.

In the second image featured from this series, Jenya is seated, her legs slightly spread. Her garters hang loosely around her thighs and she closes her eyes with a look of ecstasy. Her large, full breasts are highlighted by the soft lighting that falls across her torso and thighs. Raising a hand to her slightly parted lips, eyes closed, Jenya is radiant and alluring.

In the final image, Jenya lays on her back, her legs hoisted    above the sink and her pelvis lifted. This photo appears toward the end of the series, when the model has clearly given herself over to the erotic mood. Lost in a moment of passion, Jenya squeezes her full breasts, her eyes half closed. Her garter belt still tugs at her waist while here stockings, have begun to draw loose around her knees. In the subtle lighting and slick surroundings of a tiled bathroom, Jenya veritably glows.


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