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Algunos solo quieren y siguen a Katie por su hermoso cuerpo y el echo de verla desnuda y sexy. Otros, la ven de otra manera, desde la perspectiva artística, donde no solo es una modelo erótica sino también una obra de arte en complemento con la luz, las locaciones y el resultado de sus fotos. para esos fanáticos es esta sección, donde podemos observar el análisis artístico de algunos de sus sets de MET ART.  bon appétit!!!


Some single they want and they follow Katie by its beautiful body and I throw to see undresses it and sexy. Others, see it of another way, from the artistic perspective, where not only a work of art in complement with the light, the leases and the result of its photos is a erótica model but also. for those fanatics it is this section, where we can observe the artistic analysis of some of his sets of MET ART. Bon appétit!




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Jenya is the perfect pin-up in “Lava,” a stylish and sexy photo shoot by Alesha. Always the vixen, Jenya shows off her inimitable seductiveness and striking beauty in this vibrant hued gallery, which oozes sensuality and timeless charm.

Popular model Jenya has teamed up with photographer, Alesha for several recent galleries. While Jenya’s shamelessly seductive personality is always a feature of her appearances at Met, Alesha has focused on Jenya’s elegant and sophisticated side, photographing this gorgeous model in a number of classic scenes and sporting old-style, French lingerie. Met members will likely remember Jenya’s appearance last week in a striped bustier and garters, as well as her appearance two weeks ago in a white blouse and white stockings, both of which gave this gorgeous model a luxurious movie-star appeal.

For this photo shoot, Jenya and Alesha chose another appealing ensemble. Dressed in a pair of funky black stockings, black heels, and a garter belt, Jenya exudes a highly feminine appeal. Her shiny dark hair is curled into tight ringlets, which frame the delicate features of her face. Against the deep red backdrop, her ivory skin seems all the softer and milkier.

In the first feature photo, Alesha provides a lovely close-up shot of Jenya, which shows off her myriad perfections. In this portrait, Jenya turns her head slightly to the side and tugs on a curl of hair. Her creamy skin is almost palpable in its softness, and a single curl falls before her dark and smoky eyes. In the lower corner of the screen, Alesha provides a view of Jenya’s large and pillowy breast.

Alesha photographs Jenya in a number of classic poses, showing off the model’s perfectly proportioned figure, voluptuous breasts, and long legs. In the second image featured here, Jenya crouches before the camera, her heels lifted from her patent leather shoes. From this angle, the model’s lovely and petite buttocks are highlighted by the arch of her fitted garter belt. Arching her back and embracing her heavy breasts, Jenya gives the camera a look of sweetness and surprise.

In the final image from the series, Jenya is bathed in white light and framed by the dark red walls. Alesha moves in closely to show off the model’s soft body, her thighs framed by her garters. Jenya lifts her hand to her head and looks slyly at the camera, an impetuous but mysterious look in her eye. It’s impossible to see this lovely photo without marveling at Jenya’s incredibly sensuous figure, especially her large, milky white breasts, which give way to her slender waist and thighs.


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