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Algunos solo quieren y siguen a Katie por su hermoso cuerpo y el echo de verla desnuda y sexy. Otros, la ven de otra manera, desde la perspectiva artística, donde no solo es una modelo erótica sino también una obra de arte en complemento con la luz, las locaciones y el resultado de sus fotos. para esos fanáticos es esta sección, donde podemos observar el análisis artístico de algunos de sus sets de MET ART.  bon appétit!!!


Some single they want and they follow Katie by its beautiful body and I throw to see undresses it and sexy. Others, see it of another way, from the artistic perspective, where not only a work of art in complement with the light, the leases and the result of its photos is a erótica model but also. for those fanatics it is this section, where we can observe the artistic analysis of some of his sets of MET ART. Bon appétit!





Jenya is one of the most photographed models at Met-Art … and one of the most popular. This dark beauty possesses a powerful presence that dominates the attention mercilessly. Jenya embodies sensuality unlike any other. The seductress exudes sex appeal each time she stands in front of the camera. The series "Tay" by Pasha offers a softer and more subdued facet of this model’s essence.

The photo session for this gallery begins away from the water that’s present in so many of the pictures within this collection. Jenya is photographed in a wooded area wearing only a white linen blouse. A simple black necklace embellished with small beads adorns the model’s graceful neck. The trees soften the early afternoon sun and create a dreamy ambiance. Jenya teases and taunts with glimpses of her nude flesh beneath her blouse as the photo shoot progresses.

Jenya was very excited about the location for “Tay.” The Met regular has a secret obsession for waterfalls. The diva has visited many of these natural wonders around the world. Her thriving modeling career has given her the opportunity to explore well-known falls as well as some that have been hidden from all but the natives who know of them. Jenya enjoys photography herself as a hobby and she understands the technical difficulties that can be involved with capturing these cascades. Jenya was thoroughly impressed with the finished product of this collection.

Pasha assumes a unique camera angle when photographing Jenya for the cover image for “Tay.” The model sits with her legs positioned in a way that reveals a bit of darkness between her thighs. Her torso is slightly reclined. Jenya’s magnificent eyes are closed as if she’s lost in the experience of the continuous fall of water surrounding her. The model’s blouse is transparent at this point and adheres to her ample bosom.

A close-up photo of Jenya featured from this series pictures the temptress gazing at the camera seriously. It’s difficult to ascertain what emotions are at the forefront of Jenya’s thoughts when viewing this image. The abundance of moving water everywhere in this photograph is somewhat surrealistic. Pasha has captured many breathtaking shots throughout this gallery.


Jenya’s astoundingly voluptuous physique is the focal point of another image reviewed from “Tay.” The model seductively lifts a corner of her blouse to bare her sensational breasts, tapered waist, toned abdomen and slender hips. Jenya’s figure is heart-stopping.


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